Red hot records!


Whether you’re a current collector of long play or 45 rpm vinyl, it’s getting pretty crazy out there now. Over the last 5 years, the sale of vinyl records has sky rocketed.   

Some of the items are more on the collectible side and some are just common records.    Buyers are enjoying the rich, full sound and the great graphics on the original vinyl lps and 7-inch issues. 

The market is seeing a huge increase in new buyers and continuous buyers of vinyl in all formats.   The records can include vinyl albums, 45’s and 78’s.   

Vinyl fans also enjoy the non-techie turntables with the cool design and mechanics that are offered to play with.   Turntables just look cool!  

More artists and music retailers are releasing their new music in a vinyl format as well as digital.  Vinyl sales have increased 37% and more from year to year (2013 to 2015) according to the Recording Industry Association of America.   

Although there are fewer record stores in some cities, record store owners have gone to online sales with huge success.  

Many vinyl fans claim that records just sound better.   CD’s and other digital formats have to compress the audio greatly to allow the loudness.   This diminishes sound quality.   Records haven’t been produced with that kind of compression.   That makes the sound more precise, more natural, and richer.  There’s a more pleasing high end and low end in the music.   

Electrical engineers will tell you digital is more realistic.   But, the human ear has always liked the richness of the vinyl sound.   They also like human voices with a mellower sound to them. 

Whether it’s the sound of vinyl or the extra visuals and fun from turntables, the group of vinyl buyers and collectors continues to grow and grow.  It’s worth checking out on your own.  

 I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the quality of the sound better and your music experience will be enhanced over all.   So, get out there and dig through those bins of records or explore online.   

You’ll simply love it!

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