Hec Edmondson Rock Concerts

Many people don’t remember or know that the Hec Edmondson UW Basketball Arena was the home of some wonderful rock concerts in the late 60’s and early 70’s. 

The list of bands is very significant but getting my hands on anything near a complete line up has been very hard. I can tell you for sure that Santana, The Youngbloods, John Mayall, The Byrds, Bread, Loggins and Messina and J. Geils played in the 1971 to 73 time period, because, except for John Mayall, I attended the shows many times with my buddy, Doug Logston. He and I were long time friends and we both went to the University of Washington at the time; plus we were among the very first DJ’s on the student run radio station KCMU FM.

The concerts were very well attended with tickets being sold through the Association Students of the University of Washington (ASUW). You bought the tickets right at the HUB student union building on campus for dirt cheap prices.

My favorite of the concerts I saw were the Byrds and Loggins and Messina/J. Geils Band shows. The bands played their asses off and were typical of the immensely talented musicians from that time period. The shows were long and filled with the good vibes and energy from the early 70’s. It’s really hard to explain the feeling of concerts and communal get togethers from that era. It just was.

The Grateful Dead played a legendary concert at Hec Ed in 1974 and Pink Floyd performed there on September 29 th 1972. I wish I could get a better list of bands that played there. If anyone else remembers more the concerts that happened at Hec Edmondson please contact us and let us know.