I’ve Discovered A Fun New Way…  To Spin Vinyl!

Spinning like crazy!

Who would want to do this?    Take a perfectly good Friday night to hang out with nothing but guys, entertaining just a few people, and doing this all evening long…  It’s different and it’s the best creative outlet I’ve had in years.   What is it?  It’s spinning.   Some people call it being a club DJ.  All I know, it’s a gas!

I belong to a group called “Vinyl Eaters”.   Yes, we do have a taste for music, especially when it’s recorded on vinyl.   Right now, there are about seven consistent DJ’s playing at the Runway Café on the north end of Boeing Field, on south Albro Place in Seattle, Washington.   We offer up the largest variety of music you can find at any other club.   Nobody gets paid a dime.   It’s all just for fun.

Vinyl Eaters puts its music nights together a little differently than most venues and groups.    We each get fifteen minute blocks of music to spin, rotate through seven people all having their own fifteen minutes, and start all over again.  Our equipment is pretty much the standard two turntables, mixing board, and sound system.   Kevin Royce also brings his computer to digitally record the entire night of music.   That way each DJ can critique how they did that particular night and just listen to some fabulous music.  

I’m the rookie in the group.   While I can’t do all the complicated syncing of beats that some DJ’s excel at, I put together an interesting combination of many artists and try to do something very different than what the other DJ’s do.    Here’s what went into my three fifteen minute programs my first night.

            First Set

           “Star Wars Theme” – about 1 min

      Davie Allan and the Arrows – starts with sound effect of motorcycle starting        “Blues Theme” about 1:30  minutes instl     

Spirit –“ Silkie Sam”  (from where sound effects of card game starts) 2 minutes

Steve Stills – “Black Queen” –start where he says “This is a song about a card game”  2:30 minuts

Ray Charles –“ Black Jack”  fade in 2min

Tony Joe White –“ Polk Salad Annie” 3:50

Ventures –“ Slaughter On Tenth Avenue “ instl- 2:30


2nd Set

   Henry Mancini-“Peter Gun” -1 minute

Music Machine –“ Talk Talk”-  2 minutes

Small Faces –“ Itchy Coo Park” -3 minutes

Capt. Beefheart – (from rare A&M recordings)  “Diddy Wah Diddy” 2:30

Soul Survivors –“ Expressway To Your Heart” – 3 minutes

The Counts-(NW Rock Group) – “Trick Bag” – 3 minutes


3rd Set

    Intergalactic Touring Band – “Unusual Zoo “ –(Spacy Instl Music) 1 min

    Wilson Picket – “Hey Jude” -3 min

    El Chicano-“Viva La Rasa”-2:30 (Instl)

    Sea Level –“Aloda Collada” (Instl)  3:30

    Hummingbird – “For The Children”  3:30

    Arlen Roth – “Rocket 88” – 2 minutes

Then we do a series of about 3 one-offs each and rotate around again.   I did Steve Howe’s  (from the group Yes, his solo lp) “Pennants” instl,

Electric Prunes –“Too Much to Dream Last Night”, and finally Jimmy Page with the Yardbirds from the rare live in New York LP “White Heat” instl.


One of my sets for next month will probably be a Northwest Rock and Roll set from the day.  It will include The Sonics, The Wailers and more.

Well, I’m looking forward to our next night.   It’s the first Saturday of every month, starting at 9AM.    I’ve got to admit, we’re certainly entertaining ourselves and each other as much as the listeners and the dancers at Runway Café.   It’s just one big happy family; except there’s no weird Uncle Harold.    Well, he only likes polkas anyway.

Come on by the Runway Café for a great evening of music.

Until next time…………

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