A “True” Beatles Story

Written for the “Puget Sound Business Journal” January 2012 as a tongue-in-cheek tribute for soon departing Managing Editor and huge Beatles’ fan, Alwyn Scott. 

 The True Story Behind “Hey Jude”

By Dean “The Beatles” Smokoff 


Music lovers are all a-buzz with the new story about the real name of the song “Hey Jude” and the ensuing background. 

The Journal obtained first rights to this discovery by interviewing its’ Managing Editor, Alwyn Scott. The original name for the song, “Hey Jude”, was actually “Hey Al,” exclaimed “Al” Scott.“When I was much younger,” observed Al, “I worked at the Beatle’s Apple headquarters with Terry ________. 

That’s where I received my first experience in writing. I wrote m any press releases and lots of promo material for the Beatles. I was kind of a gopher for everyone at Apple and became very close to the Beatles.

One day Paul McCartney came in and said he had written a brand new song. “Great, what’s it called?” I asked. It’s called “Hey Al” said Paul. 

What a nice dedication intended by Paul. Well you can imagine how surprised I was. After, several days of mulling this over, we all decided that “Hey Al” was not a good enough name for a Top Forty Beatles song. 

Paul then changed the name to come from John Lennon’s son, Julian.“But that’s not all. My most unforgettable moment with the Beatles came later.    

At that time, I had also become somewhat of a roadie for the Beatles in charge of setting up the stage and the instruments. It was their famous last concert at Shea Stadium and John Lennon had an accident. 

He tripped over a cable on the stage right before the concert was to start. He hurt his left hand in the fall and couldn’t play his guitar.

Well, the Beatles knew I could play all their songs – although, I certainly couldn’t sing as well as John. Next thing I know, they rush me backstage and put me into one of their spare uniforms. 

I was to replace John for the beginning of the concert. Ironically, the first song was “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”Why hasn’t anyone noticed you in the film of the last concert?  Alwyn explained, “I stayed behind the amplifiers and as far back on the stage is I could. 

At the end of ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand,’ John’s hand was fine again. We pulled the switch and the rest is history.

Do you ever hear from the boys? “We finally kind of lost touch, but if they ever need a fill-in again, I’m ready to go.”

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