Deano’s Long Lost (3 hour cruise) Daddy-O



Dean Smokoff's photo.

This picture of my Father has been lost for years…it went missing for about 3 hours and then just went away. We’re happy to have the picture back, however Dad is still not back. Twenty years ago he went to get batteries for the radio you see in the photo. He never returned.

I think the portable radio hear inspired my career in radio. I figured, if he could understand how radio works, anybody could. If you do see my Father wandering around somewhere, tell him to go home. His dinner is really cold now. However, the way my Mother cooked, it could drive anybody away for 20 years.

We should all just go and work at Dick’s and get some really great meals. More musings on Dad later. Peace.


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 In response to the huge demand, well some people, wanting to know more about my lost Dad, we have compiled the latest information.   Before my Dad went off to college, he wanted to try his hand at being a Beatnik California/Hollywood.   This would have been late ‘50’s to early ‘60’s.  And it looks like that’s just what he did.  In fact, he landed a role on the TV show “ “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”.   He played a character by the name of Maynard G. Krebbs, who was indeed a beatnik on the show.    His character on the show never held a job of any kind.  No wonder my father played the role so well.  It was the blending of a real life and a TV role perfectly.gilligans-island

After that show, my Dad was hired for “Car 54 Where Are You”, an early 60’s show starring Officer Tootie and Officer Malone.   My Father played the car.   After his brief encounter  with  the world  of  TV celebrities.   He packed his bags and headed for Seattle.

At a loss for any kind of job, and without a lick of any knowledge about the radio industry and radio management, he was instantly hired at the first radio station he set his foot in.   The station’s general manager said, “We think we’ve got the perfect sales manager here”.  We have only a partial report for our next installment, but it looks like it’s going to be a doozy!!



Ho, boy. Exciting news pouring in now on my long , lost Father. Seems that right out of college he became an instructor at the little known Hillary Clinton School of Dance. This would have been in the mid-60’s. Unfortunately, Dad became a Dance school dropout.

He met my mother while attending bridge painter sbridge-painterchool.  Mom was an Air Force cook who took out almost half the people stationed at Langley Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas with some deadly food poisoning. For this, she was given a dishonorable discharge and this quote from Texas Governor, Ophelia Sorbet “This god damn cook wiped out almost the same amount of people killed at the Alamo”. A sad day in history.
Dad packed up and moved north to Seattle where he was immediately hired as a local radio station sales manager. When the station general manager was asked why he snatched up Father so quickly, he declared “Well, it didn’t hurt him that he knew absolutely nothing about the radio industry, but his IQ testing rated him almost a complete idiot. We knew we had a hot one here. No way we could let him get away. And now that we have an opening in the market manager position, we’ll easily be able to slide this young man right into his new office. Talk about your dumb luck.”
Okay I’m pretty sure my Dad is Joe Biden. Check out the two photos below to see their uncanny likeness. Stay tuned for more…Peace.

Dean Smokoff's photo.


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