abeatlesnut says “The Most Mistakenly Listed Lp on Ebay Hands Down!”

The Most Mistakenly Listed Lp on Ebay Hands Down!

written by:  abeatlessnut


March 29, 2007

How reading this guide could save you big wampum on the greatest counterfeited Lp in the history of recorded music; Introducing you to Introducing The Beatles on Vee Jay Records; A guide to assist both buyers and sellers in determining a genuine Introducing The Beatles  from the many fakes listed on our beloved ebay! 


 Of all the Lp’s on E-bay that get put up for auction, one particular Lp continues to be incorrectly listed as a real copy,  (which could be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars if real) which uneducated buyer’s continue to pay high prices for a fake (and this is what it is, not a bootleg) that can be purchased under a couple bucks at any reputable records store. The 33 1/3 RPM album that I speak of is the very collectable Introducing The Beatles on the small, independent record label from Chicago Ill., Vee Jay Records. At any time, you can find this album listed on Ebay by sellers not educated in record sales that isn’t worth the vinyl it’s pressed on….. and if you don’t believe me, read this guide and go look at the listings!  Hopefully it will help its reader in understanding what to look for when determaning some of the difference between a real 1964 Introducing The Beatles and the millions of fakes that came after it.

History-  The Beatles began their rise to stardom in England in 1962 with the release of “Love me Do” and “Please Please me”. Brien Epstein (the Beatles manager) wished to introduce the band to America through EMI affiliate in America, Capital Record Corporation. Capital refused Mr. Epstein  initially siting the lack of any English performer to make any real impact on the American market. Compaining to EMI, Mr. Epstein received permission to find an American label that would introduce his group to the American market. After being turned down by many prominent American labels, he found a small record label who would take his band on. The label was Vee-Jay records. The first album they released is the topic of our discussion, Introducing The Beatles. After a lengthy lawsuit filed by Capital records, Vee-Jay was order to stop production of the Lp in the fall of 1964. Within a little over 9 months, VeeJay managed to sell quite a few copies with 2 variations and 30 different labels! Do you know how to spot the difference??

Identifying Fakes

Look at the record;

 1)The main give-away to many fakes is on the record label of the Lp. On every genuine “Introducing…” The groups name (The Beatles) and the record title will be ABOVE THE CENTERHOLE. If the Title of the Lp is above the centerhole and the groups name below it,  IT’S A FAKE!

2)If a Stereo copy- To date, every known authentic Introducing The Beatles that is in Stereo will say so on the record label. So, if the jacket says “Stereo” but the label doesn’t, ITS A FAKE

3)Almost all real copies have some sort of machine stamping in the dead wax, usually the words “Audio Matrix”, The letters “MR” in a circle or the letters “ARP”. Some (but not all) originals also have the date scrawled in the dead wax (such as 2-12-64). NO PHONIES HAVE ANY OF THE ABOVE!

4) Lastly, phonies will often (but not always!) be pressed on flimsy vinyl as opposed to the thicker, sturdier vinyl of the 1960’s. 

5)All copies with the “colorband” (runs on the outermost edge of label) must be on glossy-stock paper. The colors in the band should run smoothly into the other color. 



1) Raise a eye if the jacket claims to be Stereo on the cover AND has the songs “P.S I Love You” and “Love me Do” on the flip side of the jacket. This is the most commonly counterfeited Jacket (literally millions) while also being the rarest (less than 10 confirmed) authentic version!

2)If the cover has a brown border around the front picture of The Beatles, IT’S A FAKE!

3)On originals, there will be a shadow of George Harrison that is crisp and well defined in the background. So, If No Shadow, no real! IT’S A FAKE

4)If the front cover has a yellow tint (or the front colors look washed out instead of crisp and clear) and has the word “Stereo” in the upper left, IT’S A FAKE!

  There are other, more technical, ways of telling the real McCoy from their imposters, but these are best left to the experts and exceed the breathe of this short essay. If you follow the guidelines as stated above, You are now well armed to spot over 90% of the fake “Introducing The Beatles” Lp’s that show up on Ebay! Hope this helped and Happy Ebaying!

(if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact yosimitesam36@aol. )

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